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Shorts and flip flops? Really?

By admin | Jun 10, 2017

Shorts and flip flops? Really? The summer months always brings out that particular breed of bikers who seem to happily buzz around wearing shorts, flip flops and very little else. We see them on all sorts of bikes, large and small and seemingly oblivious to the potential outcome of a spill – skin versus tarmac…

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In the News

By admin | May 14, 2017

Are bikers victims of bad driving, or just plain dangerous? Accidents and fatalities involving Plymouth motorcyclists have seen a rapid increase over recent years. Police figures show the city as a biker fatality hotspot compared to other cities its size. The…

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Welcome to the Bike Coach blog for May 2017!

By admin | May 6, 2017

I often get asked why people do, or don’t, take some bike training, coaching, instruction – whatever you would choose to call it. It is a bit odd isn’t it that bikers (and I’ve been there too!), will spend up £10K or more on a bike plus further £thousands on helmets, boots, leathers, gloves etc…

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Case Study 1 Peter

By admin | May 6, 2017

Peter made contact with me as he was getting some concerns raised by his wife about some of the things that he was doing on the bike.  She had been to a couple of bike events/meets as a pillion and there were a few moments which made her feel uneasy. We started as always about…

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