Shorts and flip flops? Really?

Shorts and flip flops? Really?

The summer months always brings out that particular breed of bikers who seem to happily buzz around wearing shorts, flip flops and very little else. We see them on all sorts of bikes, large and small and seemingly oblivious to the potential outcome of a spill – skin versus tarmac is never a good outcome. Why do they do it? There’s no doubt that it makes for more comfortable riding on really hot days; we’ve all sat on the bike in layers of leather or Gortex and probably secretly been a little jealous of them as they saunter past looking like an extra from Top Gun. They know if they come off the bike that it won’t end well so they are making a judgement on the risk versus the reward.

And that is personal choice, which we all have, and as much as we may disapprove and shake our heads we do live in a world where it is up to the individual to decide on their own safety.

Personally, I’ve done it too; a few years back I rode to the South of France in 35 degree heat and for 13 hours in the saddle and I was happy to never see the bike again! We were staying on a remote campsite a mile from the beach and all the cafes etc. The next day we took the decision to don t-shirts, shorts and sandles and pottered on the bikes at low speed down a deserted road to the beach. We didn’t see a soul on the way there or back.

So I guess it’s down to the context – contrast what I did with the chap in the same summer gear doing 50mph on a dual carriageway surrounded by traffic.

Happy and safe riding!!