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The Bike Coach – Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the riding take place?

Anywhere in Devon and Cornwall on the roads you normally ride.

When can I have a session?

At the times and dates to suit you, just confirm what you would like when you book.

Do I get an award?

You will receive a certificate for the successful completion of your session.  You can also be assessed for the Enhanced Rider Scheme which gives you discounts on your insurance.

Any discounts available for my session?

You will receive between 5% and 15% off yours and your friend’s next session price.

What qualifications does the Bike Coach have?

The Bike Coach is accredited on the Government “Register of Post Test Motorcycle Trainers”, has passed the Enhanced Rider Scheme with top scores and is also an Advanced motorcyclist with over 35 years experience of riding in the UK and abroad. 

How much does it cost?

Prices range from £69 to £189 depending on the length and complexity of the session.

How do I book a session and find out more?

Via email at:


T:   07949 851503 anytime.

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