Welcome to the Bike Coach blog for May 2017!

I often get asked why people do, or don’t, take some bike training, coaching, instruction – whatever you would choose to call it.

It is a bit odd isn’t it that bikers (and I’ve been there too!), will spend up £10K or more on a bike plus further £thousands on helmets, boots, leathers, gloves etc before we even get onto bits for the bike such as exhausts, performance upgrades etc etc.

And yet they don’t spend a single penny on themselves.

Haven’t I just contradicted myself?! Not really, what I mean is that the bike, the gear and the bits are great but it needs the person sat on the bike to get the most from those purchases.

If the rider is lacking confidence, belief and skills then all that gear will not make them a better rider, a smarter rider or a safer rider. In fact it might even give them a false sense of belief or security in their true abilities.

Why not spend a couple of hundred pounds on some 1:1 coaching?

Isn’t that a massive return on a small investment?

Every customer I’ve had has ridden off at the end of the session as a safer and wiser rider.

What value do you put on that?!

Ride safe!