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What we do

The Bike Coach is Lee Grant and Lee offers a fresh approach to make motorcyclists safer and smarter on the roads as well as have more fun.  Lee provides coaching solely for bikers that have already passed their test – similar companies concentrate on riders wanting to gain their licence. The Bike Coach provides all its services on the actual roads that riders use themselves.

The emphasis of the Bike Coach is very much on the interactive coaching element and is very different to the strict instructor/pupil set up that other companies adopt. The sessions are highly personalised and focus on precisely the areas that the customer wants to work on.

The service is aimed at: 

  • People returning to biking after a break
  • Bikers who want an honest assessment of their riding
  • Those needing a confidence boost
  • More experienced riders who would like to learn new skills or just ride more smoothly and safely

This is a new approach to gaining the skills and confidence to ride a motorcycle well. We have a strong belief that: 

  • Effective learning comes from a partnership where experiences, fears and ambitions are shared by the coach and rider
  • Bikers want different things from their riding and the Bike Coach will provide a highly professional and tailored service to meet those needs
  • Female riders are a growing but often ignored part of the motorcycling scene and their needs are ideally met by the Bike Coach service

Remember biking is fun! We promise to keep that fun whilst making your riding safe and smooth.

The Bike Coach...making bikers better.

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